Day: December 13, 2007

Two Words: Charlie Valencia/ WEC wrap-up

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I don’t know where to begin. I was impressed thoroughly with the WEC lineup. All I can say is that the lightweights are the most exciting fighters to watch. Technique, flashy moves and constant reversals make lightweight matches explosive.

Charlie Valencia, another KOTC veteran and who has had some WEC success, dispatched his opponent with  ease. He threw a right that sent the guy down. Then he suplexed him and then slapped on a guillotine to end the fight.

Paulo Filho did not dissapoint as he armbarred Chael Sonnen to grab the victory. I do not understand why fighters have this impression that if they do not tap out then the fight should not be stopped. What was Filho supposed to do, snap his arm off at the shoulder and hand it back to him before the ref stopped the fight? Sonnen screamed and was not going to escape the lock. The ref’s job is to insure fighters’ safety and he did a good job…

Little Evil was very impressive and I am glad he won. Although I believe he has to hype himself up by talking trash and sharing tidbits about his family life that should be private, I think his skill level warranted the victory. Cub Swanson, although game, was outmatched tonight. Swanson also didn’t want any part of his stand-up.

Finally, Urijah Faber secured another awesome victory. Curran gave him a run for his money in the first round but I don’t think he was ready for Faber’s unorthodox techniques. Not only are Faber’s wrestling skills on another level, his jiu-jitsu skills are top-notch as well. Honestly, the WEC needs Faber to bring excitement to cards. He is a personality and Curran isn’t.  I think a Pulver vs. Faber match-up would draw a lot of attention. However, I don’t think that Jens would be ready for what he would face….