Punches, Kicks & Sprawls: Class Update

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Last night was a barn burner, at least to me. We have a couple of guys who will be fighting in January so some of the drills are becoming more MMA specific. We focused on punches and kicks for about an hour before we switched to grappling. As I used to box a little, I understand the stamina that is needed for these kind of sessions and I do not possess it. We had 4, 4 minute rounds of boxing with sprawls interspersed throughout and then 100 kicks with sprawls included. I know that 100 kicks is not a lot to guys who train in MMA or some other martial art, but to someone who has not kicked that much in years, it was taxing.

I didn’t use hand wraps and my knuckles are sore. I have made a mental note to bring them next time or either I will have to punch lightly.

After the striking, we worked on a flow drill. It consisted of the top guy being in guard,  then breaking guard to capture kesa-gatame, then side mount, knee on belly to full mount, then an armbar. The guy getting armbarred then rolls to escape, then captures side mount. After that the guy mounted will obtain guard and the drill starts all over again. Our instructor stated that the purpose of this drill is so that we can learn to think four to five moves ahead of our opponent. While they are thinking about the next move, we should be well ahead of them.

Good stuff….


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