TUF Finale: A Lesson in Sweeps

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The match between Jared Rollins (J-Roc) and Jon Koppenhaver (War Machine) was a serious battle and test of wills. However, I had Jared winning the majority of the fight until the final 10 seconds. After dominating much of the fight he fell victim to two things; gassing out and an elementary Jiu-jitsu sweep. Any other time, the Carlson Gracie Brown Belt would have probably been able to fend off the sweep, but his fatigue betrayed him.

In my early stages of training, this sweep used to be my bread and butter. But as I continued to try it on more advanced players and as the level of sophistication of grapplers rises in general, it has become a harder move to pull off. However, in the right moment (as we witnessed on the TUF finale) it can work.

The video above gives a quick review of the sweep.


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