Day: December 9, 2007

TUF Finale: Mismatches and Six Figure Contracts

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Hey, fights are fights and it was on free TV, if you discount the fees that I pay for my cable service. However, many of the fights were mismatches, especially the fight between Speers and Danzig. But, I am glad Danzig won because I believes he deserves it and also because I do not like to see lucky victories. (Even though luck or the “puncher’s chance” is what makes fights exciting.) I can remember seeing Danzig toughing it out in King of the Cage.

For a lot of these guys, The Ultimate Fighter show and TUF Finale ruins their chance for a solid career in the short term, because they lose on the show and then they lose at the TUF finale. Barrera,  Kolosci and Hightower are all game fighters but they racked up a number of losses that they may not recover from. It was obvious that all three needed some further development before coming back to fight. 

The Warpath and J-Roc fight was awesome and the Guida and Huerta fight was on another level. I also liked how Hightower handled himself before he gassed..

I was irritated with the term six figure contract and I am tired of hearing it. Those fighters are getting cheated and are being locked into ridiculous long term contracts that don’t benefit them when they win and popularity increases further.

Overall, it was enjoyable to watch…..