Day: December 6, 2007

Random Thoughts on Matt Serra

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While driving the other day, I thought about Matt Serra and his role in the UFC. It occured to me that he has participated and accomplished more than any other fighter in the UFC. I am not talking about title defense or wins.

Here is the breakdown. He fought as a veteran in earlier UFC shows. He was a contestant on the TUF series. He won the TUF championship. He then won the UFC welterweight title. Then he became a coach on the Ultimate Fighter. Now he needs to add title defense(s) to this list.

Love him or hate him, he has played a pretty unique role in UFC history….


You’ll Never Fight in the UFC Again -TUF Ep. 12

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Mac Danzig had a point about having to fight John Kolosci again. He had beaten the guy the week before. It was obvious that Kolosci had an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and would come in with a nothing to lose attitude. Further, Kolosci was saying things like this must be his destiny. He had Mac Danzig, Hughes and his team worried about the matchup.

It reminded me of the early days in the UFC when you would have guys fight their way through a tournament and then someone would get hurt in the semi-finals and they would have an alternate who studied Ninjitsu come out and win it all. But Mac demonstrated why he has been around so long as he easily dispatched Kolosci.

As far as Matt Arroyo is concerned. I don’t know. In my last class we had a guy who hurt his rib and he shrieked in pain and curled up on the floor for a good 10 minutes trying to recover. It’s a recurring injury that he is dealing with so it effects his ability to roll.  Although Arroyo looked calm and serene maybe that’s just his nature and he was seriously hurt. Or Danzig’s reputation scared him straight.

Of course Dana tried to force him to fight by threatening him with the, “Do you know what this means?” Everytime he says that what I really hear is: You know that you will never fight in the UFC again, right?

Anyway. The Tommy Speer and George Sotiropoulos fight was a disappointment. It may have been the editing, but I truly believe that Sotiropoulus couldn’t see those punches coming because Tommy poked him in the eye. So the final may be a boring ground and pound fest…..