OMG! I Triangled and Butterflied ‘like crazy.’

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The solo drills I have been doing are the only way for me to explain the improvement I exhibited in last night’s class. The first time I tried to use the butterfly guard and sweeps in class after practicing the solo drills for 5 days straight I saw an improvement but had my guard passed like I was a little baby. Well after working on them for the last 20 days and on other moves such as mount escapes, the triangle and rear naked choke, I was able to pull off multiple sweeps, reverse positions and place myself in better positions overall. It was also the first class that I had without being tapped.

And to cap off the evening I was able to pull off a triangle with relative ease, which has not been one of my strong points. The first time I tried it, my foot cramped. However, the next time I rolled, I tried it again and had success. I was able to do things with these guys that I had never been able to do. I even had a guy who was watching on the sidelines say, “You got skills.”


It seems obvious that as one practices other sports like basketball alone that I should take the same approach with Jiu-jitsu. Yet, it never occured to me. But after tonight, I can see that this little experiment seems to be working….

The video (8 min 29 sec.) above is the one I used to learn some tips about the triangle. The part about using your foot to push off on the hip and not allowing your sparring partner to bring his head and torso too far over your body when you are setting up the submission is especially helpful.


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