Complaining about MMA Fights..

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Before I begin, I must state that I am just as guilty as anyone else. Yet, it dawned on me that perhaps some of us as armchair matchmakers and fighters should ease up a little on the criticism. Or not, it’s all in fun…

However, as I have been perusing the blogs and listening to the podcasts of late, it seems to be a common theme to bash whatever promotion is putting together fight cards for the public. I understand that people want their money’s worth, but many of these fights we see are for free (if your cable bill is paid). Lamenting about TUF fights, UFC Fight Night, the WEC and former BODOG fights seems to suggest we have been spoiled.

Even though many organizations may not be able to put on as many good matchups as the UFC and the UFC sometimes has cards that are not that desirable, we have to think about this. In these events we have 16 to 20 guys who get together for a period of 2 to 3 hours and fight for our entertainment. The acceptable skill level has increased substantially for most organizations so the majority of matches are good fights.

We are in a golden age. Where else could we watch so many fights for free (“Free TV” as Dana White says) or for $39.95?


2 thoughts on “Complaining about MMA Fights..

    ValeTudo said:
    December 5, 2007 at 5:52 pm

    Dana White is a greedy asshole. The people who pay 40 for the pay-per-view events are losers as well. 40 bucks for a UFC event and you don’t even get to see all the fights. Fuck you Dana White and fuck all you people that support him!

    jiujitsu365 said:
    December 5, 2007 at 6:05 pm


    Vale Tudo you are hot under the collar….
    Calm down. This is a blog and you’re sitting down relaxing in front of a screen. It’s still early in the afternoon.

    You’re right, it is bad that you can’t view all of the fights and Dana White and Zuffa are greedy beyond measure. Plus the fighters are not paid anything close to what they deserve.

    However, I am not talking about the cost. I am talking about the matchups. A fight is a fight and if you aren’t paying then what’s the complaint. If you are paying then it’s something that you wanted…

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