Hubor Handles Monster-Sized Men/Cutting Weight

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This December I will be travelling to Jacksonville and Miami to visit family. So last night I searched for Jiu-jitsu academies in those cities that I could possibly train in while visiting. In Jacksonville, I came across Victor Hubor Jiu-jitsu. Hubor is a Royler Gracie trained grappler and is a “4 x Mundial Champ, 2 x Gracie World Champion,” etc. So when I clicked on his academy’s promotional video (above) it reminded me of how effective Jiu-jitsu is and also why I want to get below 195 lbs.

As I mentioned before, I have a green belt in Judo and I’ve competed in a couple of tournaments (2 to be exact). But I was in the 200 lb division. I weighed 204 then so I had to face much heavier guys and  it sucked. If they fell on you all they had to do was hold and pin you down for 30 seconds to get the victory. For anyone who has grappled, you know it’s not that difficult to hold someone down for 30 seconds, especially if you outweigh them by 30 lbs or more.

Well Huber appears to be at the lower end of his weight class and he was up against some monsters, including Jeff Monson. Although he tapped out or defeated most of the bigger guys (including one guy who easily looked to be about 400 lbs.) it just reminded me that I don’t want to compete at my current weight 225 lbs (6ft). When I boxed I was comfortable at 188 lbs and my walk around weight was about 194.

However, I want to compete at 185 because I like the freedom of movement it allows and skill the weight requires to submit opponents. When I grapple I try not to use my strength and weight so I can make sure I am learning technique and not being a bully. But other guys don’t mind ‘laying and praying’ to win a decision or to make you panic or give up because of their weight.

I saw a NAGA tournament in Palm Beach, Florida in March ’08 that I want to go to so I am going to shoot for 194 lbs by that time.  As long as I am not in the 195 and above category I will be alright.

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