The Ultimate Fighter/Episode 11: “Grossed Out”

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I don’t know what to say about last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter. War Machine creates an “Upper-decker” in the Hughes’ teams toilet and then Mac Danzig spits in the perpetrator’s room later on when no one is looking. I understand that they had to provide the backdrop for the physical altercation between Warpath and Jared Rollins, but it was too much.

I contemplated how I would have reacted as a young 20ish person to someone doing what they did to my toilet. When I was in basic training in the Army and we had 52 people in an open bay barrack, it didn’t feel like the army, it felt like prison. Fights included…  So I know that just because they say the place is a mansion, it may not quite feel like one with, what I believe, 16 guys whose entertainment options include randomly trashing the house. Would I have reacted that way? Probably not. Would I have demanded that they clean it out? Of course.

But who am I to pass judgment when I haven’t been cooped up with 15 other random personalities for five weeks.

 Picks for the Semi-finals Next Week:

Matt Arroyo over Mac Danzig (I know that Danzig is the more experienced and crafty fighter, but we’ll see.)

Tommy Speer over George Sotiropoulos (George may be more skilled but Tommy will win with his one dimensional ‘lay and pray’ style of fighting.)


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