Another Hughes and GSP Rematch

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Disclaimer: The UFC is a privately owned company and they can do what they want. Also I would never try to hinder any fighter from making any money.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about how solid of an idea it is to have a rematch of Georges St Pierre and Matt Hughes. I disagree with it on many levels. First, we have seen this match up twice. GSP dominated in the first until he made a careless mistake and was arm-barred. The second fight was more of the same. Do we need another match up? It is a dull combination for me and it further supports my idea that the top ranks of MMA has become incestual and that only the fighters who are on the ‘totally’ arbitrary favorites list can fight for titles.  Yet, the UFC has fighters such as Karo Parisyan or Rashad Evans who have to keep proving themselves just in order to get a shot.

Second, what is up with these interim titles? How does one qualify? How do you become a contender? If the UFC is going to schedule fights according to their idea of who they (Joe Silva and Dana White) think is marketable and what they think people want instead of a legitimate ranking schema then they should say so. They shouldn’t decide indiscriminately and then behave as if it is legitimate.

I appreciate the UFC and what it has done to bring MMA to North America. However, every time I visit their website or see interviews with Dana White and he or one of the authors that they feature on their websites act as if these types of matches are a gift from a divine source, I feel like a used car salesman is trying to sell me a lemon. But even though I am talking “all big and bad,” I may still purchase the pay-per-view and make lemonade.

I told you, I am a grappling fanatic and a MMA fan.


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