KOTC Flashback in preparation for UFC 78

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Saturday, As a prelude to UFC 78, I settled back and watched a King of the Cage (KOTC) DVD I had ordered through Netflix. The event was labled “Showtime.” One thing I like about KOTC is that they interview fighters before and after fights. This is one of the reasons why MMA has become so popular in my opinion. Audiences have a chance to know a little bit about the guys fighting for them. You can see that they are average guys just like you. This was excellent for KOTC because a fan could quickly learn their fighters and enjoy the experience much more; especially in subsequent shows with those fighters on the card.

I know people complain about B and C level fights, but I used to love King of the Cage. Plus, I appreciated the fact that they sold their DVDs for so cheap and offered so many fights on them. I could also see that fighters as a whole were just learning submission grappling and could critque their games very easily. I think this helped in my own training.

If you watch many of their earlier shows you also get to see some of the big name fighters of today. You can see many of these fighters in their first fights. For example, the first fight between Rampage and Marvin Eastman took place on a KOTC card. The “Showtime” DVD I was watching had Jason Lambert and Thomas “The Wildman” Denny among others.

One thing that did strike me while watching this old DVD is that many of the fighters who were making a name for themselves then, no longer fight. MMA is a rough business….


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