UFC 78 Prediction Update and my Thoughts

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Well six out of nine isn’t bad..

‘Props’ to Thiago Silva but what happened to Houston? He held back in the beginning and let the other guy control the pace. Houston had no answer for Silva’s ground offense. He’ll be back though…

Evans handled Bisping like I thought he would. Past history didn’t suggest otherwise. This fight went the same way as all of Rashad’s fights (except his knockouts). I don’t know what calculations one judge used to give two rounds to Bisping though.

I think they gave Lauzon a “tomato can.” (No offense)

I believe Doerkson did an okay job, but these guys have to stop taking fights two weeks before if they want a significant future in MMA. I think with more time he would have been a little sharper and could have avoided those wild punches thrown by Herman.

Karo fought well. I think people underestimate the power of Judo. That sensitivity that allows a Judoka to catch you as soon as you are off-balance is amazing…

Fisher should have shot for the moon with his punches since he was going to be taken down anyway. I think that when facing a wrestler one should always try to take them down first. They aren’t expecting it and do not spend a lot of time reversing people because they are so capable of dominating their opponent. GSP used this technique on Koscheck.

I was satisfied with the fights…..


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