Training Log

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I’ve practiced at home before, but now I am attempting to do it everyday that I don’t attend class. I also need to develop a training regimen. 

November 15th: I stretched and worked on hip flexibility for Eddie Bravo type moves. I worked on my triangle from both sides, rear naked chokes and bridging exercises. (Solo drills)

November 16th: I warmed up with hindu squats, judo push-ups and by practicing my left and right hip toss. I also practiced the butterfly guard by watching YouTube videos:

Sweep Butterfly Guard: Abhaya Academy (video above)

Rodrigo Gracie Butterfly Guard Sweep:

Shinya Aoki:

Previously, I have only watched these videos because I didn’t have a partner to train with. However, I noticed that I was able to pick up certain points even without a partner. That’s better than nothing…


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